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Today it's possible to purchase cameras that have high-quality lenses combined with highly computerized exposure and focussing systems that pretty much guarantee a sharp, correctly focused and exposed photograph. It's all wonderful technology but it's not always very fun.

This community is for people who enjoy using cameras that have technical limitations - the kind of camera (digital or film) that other people comment on by saying "why are you using that piece of junk?" - to capture images that are different, suprising, or intriguing. It's for people who want to share those images and information about the cameras that took them, and to read about what other people are doing.

It's also for people who sometimes see something in an image taken by one of these junk cameras and use the darkroom, or Photoshop, or any other technique or technology to end up with a final image they like and think is worth sharing. It's not about limiting the technology that gets used, it's about image aesthetics and having fun getting there.

Some people are drawn to "toy cameras" because they like being seen with camera with a barbie on it. While that's fun, that's not what this community is for. Some people are mostly interested in criticizing other people, or questioning their abilities or knowledge, and being insulting when they're not agreed with. This community isn't for them, either, and they should't post here.