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junkcameras' Journal
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Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
12:46 pm
Antique cameras
This community seems pretty much dead but I guess it's the best bet for the question that I have:

What has been your luck with finding cameras that work at thrift and antique stores?

I recently came across an antique shop that had a whole section of vintage cameras (old brownies, polaroids, etc.) but before going crazy and buying tons of cameras that might not even work I decided to do a little researching. So, anyone that actually still reads this community, any tips for buying and using antique cameras? Or are they solely for collection purposes?
Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
11:58 am
Hi, I just joined this community since I figure it really fits the photo taking style I have... which is using a piece of shit camera.  I love just taking pictures of random things and downloading it onto my computer... and await  for the surprise of what I took.

Here is an example of crappyness

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
5:24 pm

i recently acquired this:

i am not very familiar with this camera. does anyone know anything about it? any tips?
Sunday, February 13th, 2005
10:08 pm
hi, i'm new.


5 new "junk" cameras for a total of $8
  • suntone mm-251 35mm
  • vivitar pn2011 35mm
  • olympus infinity stylus 35mm auto point&shoot
  • capital kx100 35mm
  • game boy advance camera

    i got the capital and the suntone to mess around with pinhole photography. i also bought some toy binoculars to see if i could attempt making a lense...haha, well i'm going to have some fun with it at least.

    the vivitar, olympus and game boy advance are just going to be good times.
  • Saturday, July 17th, 2004
    8:42 pm
    Thursday, June 24th, 2004
    1:30 pm

    model: missviola

    camera: Holga 120S
    Monday, February 16th, 2004
    11:31 pm

    Agfa Clack, Ilford FP4.
    Sunday, December 7th, 2003
    1:13 am
    Hi there

    Here are some polaroids by me - shot on an EE100 using a mix of 669 and Fuji FP-100.

    Double exposure on FP-100c.Collapse )

    Chandelier on FP-100c.Collapse )

    Broadway at midnight on 669.Collapse )

    Mount Adams Hydrant on 669.Collapse )

    My thoughts are that the Fuji film is a lot more modern - it's colours are more modern and it dries faster and without any ripples from peeling. But the 669 has a lot more charm, and responds more interestingly. These were shot in New York and Cincinnati, and it was very cold in both places, so I'm not sure I was developing things for the optimum time, but all the same the pics were a lot of fun to take.
    Sunday, November 23rd, 2003
    10:11 am

    i shot these with a kodak brownie 'tlr' on b/w 127 and a minolta rokkor on color 126.

    +8 photosCollapse )
    Sunday, October 19th, 2003
    12:14 pm

    My mom bought me this at the local thrift shop (in a big briefcase with tons of flash bulbs (they look like they are from the 50's) and old film cannisters). It's an Ansco Super Memar... does anyone know anything about this type of camera? I don't have much experience with cameras outside of digital ones... so anything anyone can give me would be a great help lol. ;)
    (sorry for the poor webcam image... the digital camera's batteries are recharging. ;P)
    Thursday, July 24th, 2003
    9:12 pm

    Hotel lobby ceiling - The Bellagio, Las Vegas.

    McCarran International Airport
    Saturday, May 17th, 2003
    2:06 pm
    where did toycamera go? just when I made an interesting purchase, the communities that can help me find out more about my camera seems to disappear. this community seems dead at times, but I am asking here anyhow. any information would be great cause I haven't found a single thing on the net:

    today when thrifting I found the cutest thing for $1;
    Accent MX-V, a plastic camera with aperture and weather-wheel.
    it's so cute and easy to work with I am surprised it hasn't replaced Lomo as the perfect toycamera.
    I know I've seen this camera around before but I can't seem to find anything about it.
    Sunday, April 20th, 2003
    7:48 pm
    Impressionism and a water-soaked throwaway camera
    Logoly State Park, southwestern Arkansas, taken with a throwaway camera which had been perched in my pocket an hour earlier, when I managed to capsize our rental canoe on a gentle fishing lake nearby:

    Current Mood: Easter wetlands
    Monday, February 17th, 2003
    11:06 pm
    nyc shots
    Went to nyc last week. Let me know what you think.

    Monday, January 27th, 2003
    12:37 pm
    I'm posting this too all my photo shareing communities, so sorry about the crosspoasting and about not haveing any pics in this post...:(
    I have a minor (i hope) dilemma..
    I use printroom for my image hosting, to post pics here...but as of February, they will no longer offer 3rd party hosting..not even with a fee!(suck!) so can anybody recommend a good free or lowcost image hosting service?..One that's fairly easy to use would be a plus.. thank you so much!!!
    Monday, December 23rd, 2002
    8:44 pm
    kids in flight?
    I took this one with a jam cam 3.0.. the upgraded model that has a flash (*giggles*). It has 640x480 resolution and absolutely no tolerance for movement, but the affect was charming in this one..

    6:56 pm
    Burger King drive-thru last night, in the rain

    Unedited. Also taken with the Concord EyeQ Mini in low-res mode.
    Sunday, December 22nd, 2002
    11:36 am
    Diana Clone, Plus-X
    This one took some coercing in Photoshop:

    11:35 am
    Diana Clone, Agfa Ultra 50
    I miss this film:

    Saturday, December 21st, 2002
    9:08 pm
    Logitech Pocket Digital
    Here's a pic I took using the Logitech Pocket Digital. Like some of the really cheap "1 Megapixel" digitals, it's sensor is really the same as a webcam - 640x480 - and it interpolates up. Once you learn to shut that feature off you can get some good pics out of it. (this pic was posted in the Toycameras community but I got flack because it was digital (REAL toy cameras aren't digital, ::giggle::) and it might have been removed from there, I don't know.)

    It also features the SMaL Camera Technologies Autobrite feature, which basically compresses the contrast range when it's wider than the bits available to record the image(I know that's simplistic, but it's late...) You end up with detail in bright areas and detail in shadow - it's sort of an automatic Zone System developer :)

    It really showed up in this pic taken late at night in the PATH station at Christopher St in NYC. Strong, directional overhead lights.

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